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Last Updated: 11-2018

SOLIDAL – CONDUTORES ELÉCTRICOS, S.A. and its subsidiary QUINTAS & QUINTAS – CONDUTORES ELÉCTRICOS, S.A. are manufacturers of power cables and suppliers of integrated solutions for energy transport and distribution, reliable and competitive, mainly operating in the Southwest of Europe and seeking to establish themselves as a regional reference in their sector, without depleting in its financial and economic performance, but embracing social and environmental aspects as well.

In the municipality of Esposende, where SOLIDAL and QUINTAS & QUINTAS operate, they represent 26% of the turnover and almost 8% of employment in local industry. 

SOLIDAL and QUINTAS & QUINTAS’ development is based on two fundamental principles: 

  • A very stringent institutional customers list (the utilities of the energy segment) that includes practically all the relevant entities present in the region of Europe where we focus our activity; 
  • A team of professionals with dedication, commitment and training levels that constitute a privilege for those who can count on them.

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