Solidal is a leading manufacturer of power cables, conductors and integrated solutions for energy transmission and distribution from 1 kV up to 400 kV.

How we help our Clients

Our Clients are international Utilities, Wholesalers and Contractors who rely on us for a wide product range and integrated technical solutions


Our clients benefit from a wide product range (1 kV to 400 kV) that includes conductors (AAAC, ACSR, OPGW, OPPC) and power cables (LV, MV, HV)

Aluminium smelter

Aluminium smelter & HV lab

Our vertically integrated factory allows for the control of the full manufacturing process and optimizes quality, cost and lead time



Our engineering department has decades of experience and know-how in designing fit-for-purpose solutions and maximize value for our clients

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Our clients benefit from Solidal´s internal business unit of drum production that maximizes value in drum design and transport. Solidal has a track record of successful deliveries across 40+ market


size & flexibility

We have the size and flexibility to be responsive and agile to meet our clients requirements ON TIME, IN FULL

Customer Focus

Customer Focus

Our customers can rely on a long term relationship with a manufacturer that focuses on quality, product innovation, cost and delivery performance. We have a long history of helping our customers solve their problems

Our History

Quintas & Quintas group was founded in 1925. Solidal was founded in 1970 and integrated Quintas & Quintas group in 1987. The group has successfully delivered products (including Extra High, High, Medium and Low Voltage power cables, ACSR and Aluminium Conductors) to customers for 50+ years in 40+ countries.
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About Njord Partners

In January 2019, Njord Partners LLP (with its affiliated entities and managed funds “Njord”) acquired a majority (87,5%) shareholding in Solidal – Condutores Eléctricos, S.A. The Quintas family maintains a participation of 12,5%.

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